Silver Cove Auction Host: Melissa Robak

Melissa Robak


Favorite Gemstone:

Polychrome Jasper – it has such a beautiful range of color and a ‘soft’ feel that is hard to explain


Favorite Rock Hunting Memory:

Splitting Fossil Fish in Wyoming. Visiting the local museum, getting utterly covered in limestone, and knowing that every split of the limestone could be Christmas… or April Fools Day!


Favorite Silver Cove Memory:

The three weeks spent renovation our first location in Lacombe Alberta. Working side by side with my husband making our dreams come true… and having absolutely no idea what we were signing up for! Getting covered from head to toe in paint, drywall dust, and dirt… and loving every last minute of it.


Favorite Color:

Purple of course!



What do you love about the live sale auctions?

I love sharing my passions and ideas with my viewers. I love combining gemstones to make a beautiful display that someone could setup in their home. Every gemstone is beautiful in its own way, and I love giving each piece its own moment in the sun.


Something interesting about you:

I LOVE machinery! I drive forklifts, big rigs, tractors and anything else I can… and I often do it in a dress!


When will you find Melissa online?

You will often find me hosting our evening and weekend live auctions, including our Saturday Night Jewelry Designers Live Sale. 


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