Trade Show Guidelines

What to Expect at a Canada Gem Shows Event

Here at Silver Cove and Canada Gem Shows keeping our customers and employees safe is top priority. 

When you join us at one of our events, the following measures are in place to keep everyone safe and happy:

1. Contact tracing measures will be in effect at each event. 

      Customers will register and provide contact information at the entrance

      Customers will be given gem show contact information to inform us of any possible transmission at a later date.

2. One Way Traffic

     The event will operate with a separate entry and exit, and one way traffic will be in place throughout the event

3. Staff and Volunteer Safety

     All staff will be wearing a face covering and will sanitize regularly in addition to social distancing as much as possible.

4. Customer Safety

   Customers are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing

   Sanitation Stations will be clearly marked throughout the event

   Show layout will be designed to provide the maximum amount of social distancing options for customers

   Shopping trays are sanitized between customers and clearly labelled

5. Outside the Box Thinking

   Virtual Live Show(s) will be offered online for those unable to attend in person

Trade Show Guidelines