GemsToGo Gems and Mineral Identifications

Congratulations on your Gems To Go Treasure Box!

You are now the proud owner of gemstones from all over the world... but what on earth did you discover? 
Take a look through the photos below to help identify your treasures:

Amethyst, polished tumbled stones, white to purple in colour Amethyst

Aquamarine Aquamarine

Black Onyx Black Onyx

Blue Apatite Blue Apatite

 Blue Feldspar

Blue Quartz Blue Quartz

 Bronzite Bronzite

Brown Agate Brown Agate

Brown Jasper Brown Jasper

Calcite Calcite

Cats Eye Quartz Cats Eye Quartz

Carnelian Carnelian carnelian, tumbled polished stones ranging from orange to red in colour

Crackled Quartz Crackled Quartz

Chlorite Quartz Chlorite Quartz

Citrine Citrine

Diopside Diopside

Dumortierite Dumortierite

Fluorite Fluorite 

Green Aventurine Green Aventurine

Green Common Opal Green Common Opal

Labradorite Labradorite

Lepidolite Lepidolite

Optical Calcite Optical Calcite

Orange Calcite Orange Calcite

Puddingstone Jasper Puddingstone Jasper

Quartz Quartz Crystal Quartz

Red Jasper Red Jasper

Rhyolite Rhyolite

 polished rose quartz tumbled stones, cloudy with a light pink hue Rose Quartz 

Sodalite Sodalite Sodalite

Yellow Jasper Yellow Jasper

Zoisite Zoisite





Tiger Eye


Mahogany Obsidian


Dalmatian Jasper

Rose Quartz

Rhodonite Tumbled StonesRhodonite

Blue Quartz TumbledBlue Quartz

Mookaite Jasper RoughMookaite Jasper


Mahogany Obsidian RoughMahogany Obsidian

Tiger Eye RoughTiger Eye

Rose QuartzRose Quartz