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Selenite House Clearing Grid

Posted by Danielle Rautiainen on

Grids are a great creative way to use and energize your crystals! This week's focus is how to utilize the very powerful crystal Selenite in a grid for clearing your house. Perfect for ringing Summer in on a cleansed note!

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Spiral Grids

Posted by Melissa robak on

Grids don't have to be complex.  They can consist of a single type of crystal and arranged in whatever way you feel will work best for you.  Sometimes, inspiration will come from seemingly nowhere and you're not entirely certain why you're creating a grid, until you get a chance to see the final result and reflect on how it makes you feel. I felt a gentle nudge to create a spiral using tumbled chevron amethyst.  Spirals are found in many different cultures around the world and carry deep meaning.  The most common meaning is moving through experiences in order to...

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