Selenite House Clearing Grid

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Banner for grid hose clearingSelenite Grid for Clearing Your House

Grids are a fantastic way to use, and energize, your crystals and home! This week's focus is how to utilize the very powerful crystal Selenite in a grid for cleansing your house.

What We Used:

Four (4) Small Selenite Sticks

One (1) Small Clearing / Charging Selenite Plate

Four (4) Chevron Amethyst Points

Eight (8) Blue Agate Tumbled Stones

Eight (8) Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stones



Grid Layout:

Selenite Grid

We are using the Selenite charging plate as the focal point in the center, with the four Selenite mini sticks pointing out from the plate to direct that charged energy outward. Encircling the plate as well is the four Chevron Amethyst points pointing outward.

The next circle consists of the Black Tourmaline as a grounding force (which works very well when paired with Selenite), and then finally the Blue Agate along with the outer circle for an added touch of calm, and stress relief for your household.

Stone Uses:

Selenite is thought to bring clarity to the mind, shields a person from outside influences, and dispels negative energy. Selenite alongside Black Tourmaline is often used in gridding a home, space, or property. 


Tourmaline is considered a greatly cleansing, purifying, and transformative crystal. It is thought that Tourmaline crystals clear and balance the chakras, clear auras, and disperse any negative energy encountered.


Agates are thought to be grounding, stabilizing stones that are ideal for emotional, physical and mental balance. They are thought to improve concentration, acceptance of self, and letting go of internalized anger. Agates take you through the layers of yourself, and help you to learn more about who you are, letting go of blockages, and discovering what paths you should be exploring.


Chevron Amethyst is one of the best Third Eye activators and it is believed to greatly enhance spiritual intuition. Chevron Amethyst in particular also possess a high spiritual vibration making it a fantastic meditation aid, and is said to have a powerfully focused energy that can dissipate negativity.

You can find our ready made Selenite Grid Set HERE


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