July's Birthstone: Ruby!

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There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of stories, myths, and legends that surround this positively royal Gemstone!


In certain Hindu beliefs it is believed that wearing a ruby protects them from their enemies. On the other hand in Burmese traditions if a soldier keeps a ruby under the skin, he will become invincible; and the Hebrews believed that if a dragon was carved on a ruby, it would bring prosperity and health.


Ruby is a pink to crimson colored Gemstone, and a variety of the mineral corundum, like Sapphires. Rubies are thought to be excellent stones for imparting vigor and passion for life, as well as energizing and balancing emotions.


Here are 5 fascinating facts about this invigorating Gemstone!

  1. Rubies sit at 9.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale which makes them one of the hardest Gemstones available, just under Diamonds which sit at 10.0 on the Mohs Scale.

  2. It is believed that if you dream of Rubies than you are soon to attract love, passion, and wealth in your life.

  3. The Ruby is the most mentioned Gemstone in the bible

  4. The largest ruby in the world is at the American Museum of Natural History, which weighs around 4.6 grams

  5. Due to the fact that there are so few flawless Rubies, in some instances perfect Rubies sell for more than Diamonds because of this!


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