Scorzalite Lazulite Free-Form Polished Tower (091)

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Scorzalite Lazulite Free-Form Polished Tower

Size: 31 x 18 x  cm

Weight: 6.860 kg

Product Type: One of a Kind

Scorzalite is an uncommon deep-blue phosphate mineral that forms in a series with Lazulite. Lazulite is rich in magnesium, whereas Scorzalite is rich in iron. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two, generally Scorzalite is darker, whereas, Lazulite is lighter in color and weight. Scorzalite was identified by, and named after, Brazilian meteorologist, Evaristo Penna Scorza in 1947. Lazulite  is most likely named as a derivative of an Arabic word meaning Heaven, it was discovered in 1795.

This pillar has a calm and relaxing appearance. The blues and light matrix stone go well with the Quartzite inclusions. It has a light purple wash of Lepidolite that adds a few mico-sparkles to the piece. This free form piece would be great for displaying in the home or office!

Scorzalite stimulates the Third Eye Chakra. It helps to overcome the negative effects of this planet, and achieve optimal health and well-being; actively enhancing the personality of the wearer. If worn daily, Scorzalite can be a talisman that benefits health, relationships, academics, career, and in many other aspects.

Lazulite has been used for centuries to heal mental and physical dis-ease. It is an insightful stone, helping to answer life's questions. Promoting peace, self-respect, life balance, tension relief , and inspires relationships. It is a great companion for legal disputes, if being undermined/discredited at work, or for around a house with rebellious teenagers, as it relieving disputes while promoting serenity. Lazulite connects with the Throat Chakra, opening it for creativity and speaking one's truth.

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