Rhodochrosite Chip Bead Strand

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Rhodochrosite Chip Bead Strand

Size: 38 cm, continuous strands

Weight: 68 g

Product Type: One of a Kind

Rhodocrosite is a transparent to translucent manganese carbonate mineral. In its pure form it is typically a rose-red color, impurities can result in various shades of pink and pale browns. Rhodocrosite streaks white, and crystal twinning is often present. The Mohs Hardness sits between 3.5 and 4.

These Rhodocrosite chip beads are such a lovely rosy pink color, with remarkable banding with rosy-reds, pale translucent pinks, and opaque light browns. Each chip boasts its on vibrant markings

Rhodocrosite is commonly associated with love on all levels. It is believed that Rhodocrosite can encourage compassion, kindness, selfless love, and expand spiritual consciousness. Naturally then, Rhodocrosite is believed to have an association with balancing the Heart Chakra.

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