Red Jasper Replacing Petrified Wood Bowl

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Red Jasper Replacing Petrified Wood Bowl

Made In: Indonesia

Size: 27 x 20 x 6 cm, bowl depth ~ 3 cm

Weight: 3.820 g

Petrified Wood is actually not fossilized at at! The organic is replaced by minerals (mineralized), keeping the original look of the wood, but with no organic wood remaining in the piece. They are a unique part of our history.

Petrified Wood, is considered to be an organic gemstone, meaning that it was once a living thing. Many people believe that working with an organic stone connects you to Mother Earth, helping to keep you grounded and calm. Petrified Wood is also thought to be a good stone to carry as a protection talisman, connecting to an individual person and keeping them safe from physical harm. .

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