Red Jasper Bulk Portion (2.5 lb)

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Red Jasper

Origin: Brazil

Size: 3cm - 5cm

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Product Type: One of Multiple

Jasper is an aggregate of micro granular Quartz, Chalcedony, and other minerals. Red Jasper contains Iron inclusions giving it its red color. The Jasper family contains one of the widest variety of stone types in the world, as stones are often named after their locality, color patterning, and other factors. Jasper is a popular stone for hobbyists, tumblers, and collectors.

These rough pieces of jasper are great for rock tumbling, cutting, or using in their natural form for crafting and creativity. They range in size from 3cm to 5cm, and some still have the external rind visible.

Jaspers are great for stress relief, thought to bring a gentle calm and nurturing ability. They have been recommended to help with anxiety, reduce nightmares, and help calm the mind for better study habits.