Pink Amethyst Carvings

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Pink Amethyst Carvings

Origin: Brazil 

Main Stone: Amethyst

Other Stones: Hematite

Colors Present: Light pink, forest green, light blue and light purple hues  

Size: approx. 10x5x1.5cm

Weight: approx. 156-322g

Hardness: 7 (Mohs Scale)

Metaphysical: Lucid Dreaming, Stress Relief, Grounding, Balances emotions, Sobriety aid, Feminine Essence, Womb warmer, Comfort for grief and sadness, Opens up the heart/Love energy, Increased intuition, Heightened sense of truth, Calming, Encourages fresh perspectives and is an Anxiety/Angst aid.                      Chakras: Heart , Third eye and Crown.

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