Opalite Chakra Tree Pendant

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Opalite Chakra Tree Pendant

These Opalite Chakra pendants are elegantly cut into a flat point, with tiny Chakra-centred stones delicately wrapped in thin wires. These little pendants are sure to make a statement!

Basic Information

Opalite is the trade name for a synthetic opalised glass created in China. Other names for Opalite include Argenon, Sea Opal, and Opal Moonstone. When placed on a dark background, Opalite gives off a blue colour. When placed on light backgrounds, it gives off a milky-white, orange, or yellow colour.


Opalite is a high-energy stone, ideally used for meditation. It improves communication, especially spiritually. It can help remove blockages of the Chakras. Opalite aids in transition, gives strength to verbalise feelings, stabilizes mood swings and helps in overcoming fatigue.


Opalite was created as an alternative to Opal or Moonstone. It is man made and is compiled of tiny spheres of Silicon Dioxide which stack onto each other in a pyramid grid shape.

Metal: Silver Plating

Size: 5 x 2 x 1 cm 

Weight: ~ 15 g

Product Type: One of a Kind