Mixed Moroccan Minerals (10 pc lot)

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Moroccan Specimens (10 pc lot)

Origin: Morocco

Size: 5-8 cm each (approximate range)

Weight: 3 lbs

Product Type: One of multiple, bulk quantities only

The specimens that can be found in Morocco are known throughout the industry as high-quality. Moroccan minerals that can be found include Barite, Vanandanite, Aragonite, Azurite, Amethyst, Malachite, and many others.

This bulk lot comes with 10 high-quality, hand selected minerals from Silver Cove's personal trip to Morocco. Each lot varies with specific minerals, but we pick out each piece with care to ensure that you get the very best available. Perfect for collectors particularly interested in Moroccan minerals, or starter collectors!

You are purchasing one lot of 10 mixed Moroccan mineral specimens. Due to the nature of organic items each lot is different, but contains similar minerals.

Due to the nature of photography techniques and natural products, size, color, and style may vary slightly from photos.