Mini Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramids

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Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramids

Stone Type: Black Tourmaline, Quartz

Colors Present: Black with Copper Inclusions. 

Stone Hardness: 

Tourmaline: 7 - 7.5 (Mohs Scale)

Quartz: 7 (Mohs Scale)

Size: approx. 27x27x20mm

Weight: approx. 8g


Tourmaline: Spiritual Stability, Soothing Energy, Protection, Helps to Stimulate The Root Chakra. 

The principles behind Orgonite are that organic materials are believed to hold Orgone energy while inorganic metals attract and repel this energy simultaneouslycreating a cleansing effect to eliminate stagnant energy when placed in your home. Orgonite is also thought to be an effective meditation aid, strengthening intention and deepening consciousness.

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