Meteorite & White Sapphire Watch

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Meteorite & White Sapphire Watch with Genuine Leather Strap

Size: 9 in. (unclasped)

Weight: 25 g.

Product Type: One of Multiple

This Swedish Meteorite is a sliced and polished piece of debris from an object like a meteoroid, comet, or asteroid that originated in space and survived the descent through the atmosphere of Earth.

The White Sapphire top is made from lab grown Sapphire that is chemically identical to natural Sapphire. The only real difference is that Sapphire glass contains none of the impurities that normally give Sapphire a hue. The Sapphire top is highly transparent, and twice as hard as standard glass! It is extremely durable, and almost impossible to scratch. (Owner Chris Robak personally wears his with rock hunting)

These watches have been crafted with a genuine leather strap, White Sapphire top, and an authentic Meteorite face. The color of the meteorite is a dark steel grey, with fascinating natural inclusion patterns visible through the crystal clear Sapphire top. You have the choice of a deep blue strap or pale peach-pink. This is an absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship, the detailing is remarkable, and this watch will stay with you for many years to come!

These pieces are limited edition hand crafted pieces. A limited number were made and are true works of craftsmanship. 

Many cultures consider meteorites as gifts from another world, and believe that meteorites are used to align and strengthen the various energetic fields of the body.

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