Large Abalone Shell

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Large Abalone Shell

Shell Type: Abalone

Also Known As: ear shells, sea ears, perlemoen, pāua

Colours Present: Pearlescent rainbow hues, white, and grey

Size: ~ approx.18x12x.5 cm

Weight: ~ approx. 120g

Metaphysical: Enhance feelings of peace, compassion and love. Soothes the nerves and encourages calm. Helps open psychic and intuitive connections. 

Used in smudging and the burning of loose sage, herbs, incense, resin, or Palo Santo chips. 

CAUTION: If using a charcoal heat source inside of the shell, put a layer of sand or soil inside as a barrier. A direct heat source scorching the shell may cause it to crack, and could potentially burn surfaces it comes in contact with. 

 You are purchasing one (1) randomly selected Large Abalone shell. You will receive product similar to those pictured. Blue Calcite and props pictured is not included. 

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