Kinoite (117 g)

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Kinoite Specimen

Origin: Christmas Mine, Arizona, USA

Size:  9 x 5 x 2 cm

Weight: 117 g

Product Type: One of a Kind

Named after Jesuit missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino, of Italy, for his missions and expeditions in Arizona, where he assisted native tribes; Kinoite is a scarce mineral. It is a copper silicate mineral that can be found, as a transparent to translucent light to deep blue color, in the Santa Rita Mountains and a few copper mines, including the Christmas Mine of Arizona.

This Kinoite specimen was hand collected by an owner of Silver Cove, from the Christmas Mine in Arizona, USA, in 2019. The mine was shut down during the 1980's and is now closed to the public.

This dreamy piece of Kinoite features an array of micro-crystals that form a celestial cloud-like appearance, of white to sky blue of varied opacity. The crystals are quite sparkly and give a dynamic contrast to the complimentary tan color of the matrix stone. This would be an eye catching display piece for any collection or altar.

Kinoite is a truthful and spiritual stone that aids in letting go of things that no longer serve us and hold us back, as well as retaining information communicated in connection with source energy. It is known to help reducing stress, and invite sleep. Kinoite resonates with the higher Chakras, from the higher heart to the throat and third eye.

Please note that due to photographic lighting and the tendencies of natural product, color and size may vary from pictures. You are purchasing the exact piece in the listing.