Himalayan Quartz Heart Pendant

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Himalayan Quartz Heart

These adorable little heart pendants have so much character! The vibrant yellow colour and silver plated bail make each one of these pendants the perfect gift!

Basic Information

Himalayan Quartz comes in multiple colors, ranging from yellow to red to orange. Each color has a name associated with it in the energy working community: Yellow/Gold is called Himalaya Gold; Red is called Himalaya Red; and the peach/pink color is called Himalaya Pink. They all sit at a 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and are popular with energy workers for their high vibration. 


Himalayan Quartz is thought to be a high vibration stone used for healing and clearing. It is a fantastic stone for cleansing, energizing and healing work. Self cleansing, Himalayan Quartz is a great stone for most people to work with. 


Size: 3 cm

Weight: ~8g ea