Ethiopian Opal Earrings in .925 Sterling Silver

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Ethiopian Opal Earrings in .925 Sterling Silver

*Stand Not Included*

Colours Present: rainbow shine, silver
Size: each earring approx. 2.8x2.5x1cm
Weight: pair weighs approx. 6.54g

Hardness (Mohs Scale): 5 - 6.5

Metaphysical: It is thought that wearing Opal can bring the wearer loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity which makes it a good will stone for relationships. Opal is a delicate stone and is referred to as a karmic stone, reflecting to you what you put out, whether positive or negative. It is believed that opal can aid in expressing your true self and amplify creativity as well.

***Due to the nature of natural products and individual monitor settings, the colour, size, and style may vary slightly from photos.