Dioptase & Apophyllite (204 g)

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Dioptase & Apophyllite Specimen

Origin: Christmas Mine, Arizona, USA

Size:  7 x 7 x 4 cm

Weight: 204 g

Product Type: One of a Kind

Dioptase is bright green in colour, and it is sometimes mistaken for emerald. Dioptase is a very fragile with a Mohs hardness of 5 and should be handled with care. Most dioptase is found forming on a host matrix. Individual pieces are rare and highly sought after.

Apophyllite refers to a specific group of pyllosilicates which is a class of minerals. Apophyllite originally was a specific mineral but was redefined in 1978 as a group of minerals with a similar chemical makeup of the solid solution series. Apophyllite occurs with Zeolite in Basalt frequently.

This Dioptase & Apophyllite specimen was hand collected by an owner of Silver Cove, from the Christmas Mine in Arizona, USA, in 2019. The mine was shut down during the 1980's and is now closed to the public.

This piece features dynamic teal Dioptase inclusions that are accompanied by clear-white Apophyllite crystals. The small crystals peeking through the matrix stone, gives this piece dimension, and would be a great little addition to any display, altar or collection.

Dioptase is said to enhance life. Its used to create harmony while working on your personal purpose. This is one powerful healing stone relating to the heart, emotions and compassion and stimulates the forgiveness of old inner woulds. Dioptase resonates with the higher heart chakra just above the heart and is said to be one of the cardinal emotional healing allies!

Apophyllite is thought to make excellent Reiki stones because they can help attune you to the energies around you. Along with that attunement, it is believed that Apophyllite can help in relationships to understand the feelings behind words instead of the words themselves.

Please note that due to photographic lighting and the tendencies of natural product, color and size may vary from pictures. You are purchasing the exact piece in the listing.