Dendrites in Martix (399)

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Dendrites in Matrix

Size: 14 x 12 x 0.5 cm (approximate)

Weight: 133 g

Product Type: One of a Kind

Pseudo-fossils are mineral deposits that can mimic fossilized lifeforms. Inorganic objects, markings, and impressions can be misleading as mineral deposits can form lightly detailed structures, and contain fossils.

This piece of shale features a dynamic Dendrite crystal formation, along with other inclusions. Reminding us how beautiful things take time to form. This piece would be great displayed in a collection, or in the home or office as decor.

Dendrites are crystaline pseudo-fossil structures that are often mistaken for fossils. Dendrite crystals form in a multi-branch tree or frost structure, a naturally occurring fractal pattern! They are the result of naturally occurring fissures  between rocks being filled with peculating minerals.

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