Couples Stress Relief Kit

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Couples Stress Relief Kit

Slow things down and treat yourself, and your partner to some alone time. How about a relaxing detox bath and shared massage? These kits hold a couple of goodies that are sure to help relieve some stress and maybe even ignite some passion!

Spiritual Master Essential Oil: Help set the mood with a special fragrance blend from India, that can be either used in a diffuser or burner.

Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb: A high vibration self-cleansing mineral used for cleansing, energizing and healing work. Bathing in it not only helps to detoxify, relax and re-stress, it also helps to re-mineralize the body, ease aches/pains, decrease bloating, increase circulation and relive the respiratory tract. Not to mention, encouraging a great night's sleep!

Amethyst: In association with romantic love, Amethyst vibes the highest in loving relationships, holding true to vows and living in compassion. It encourages us to be humble and take all things in moderation and balance, reminding us that excess exhausts the soul. Amethyst inspires passion for self and others, while letting go of selfishness and addictions.

Carnelian: has been worn throughout history to enhance passion, love and desire. The orange resonates with feminine energy, as the red-brown with masculine, invoking awareness and connection. It increases creativity and concentration, while overcoming procrastination and indecision. In connections with the Sacral Charka, it can help boost sensuality, and relieve repressed feelings that inhibit joy.

Grey Aventurine: Is a grounding stone, that connects with the Root and Heart Chakras. It's vibration helps to relieve negative emotions that build up in the heart, while encouraging optimism and gratitude. A gentle stone that encourages clear, yet critical thinking and emotional control. It reminds us to have faith in ourselves, in each other; to go with the flow, and not be too rigid in belief or reaction.

Fluorite: Encourages intuition, confidence and communication, by amplifying and clearing the mind of what no longer serves, or holds us back. Connecting with the heart, communication and intuition, it helps to stabilize emotion and manifest in alignment with our highest selves. Fluorite inspires us to speak our truth honestly, without judgement, helping to express things such as grief, insecurities, frustrations and fears with our partner.

Rose Quartz: Is associated with heart healing and unconditional love. It is thought to align and clear the Heart Chakra, encourage forgiveness, inner healing, and replace negative energy with loving vibrations. Rose Quartz is also thought to be the stone of romance, and carrying it is thought to attract relationships and/or restore existing ones.

Ruby in Fuchsite: Is an empowering stone combination of the heart. It reminds us to maintain individuality, while being connected with others. It reminds us not to neglect ourselves while pleasing others, helping relieve co-dependency. A stone of transformation that opens the heart to give and receive love, while encouraging awareness. It promotes honesty, truth, and courage in relationships, and helps to shift anger and annoyance into more positive perspectives.

Each kit contains a Spiritual Master Essential Oil, a Himalayan Salt bath bomb, and with a massage stone, massage wand, or both!

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