Couples Bath Soak

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Couples Bath Kit with Himalayan Pink Bath Salt 

Natural Pink Himalayan Salt

Stones: Red Aventurine, Black Onyx

Use: Bath salts, Perfect for a long soak for two! Add to a warm bath for relief from aching muscles

Size: Mixed granules of salt, two tumbled stones approx. 2-3cm

Weight: approx. 180g package

Metaphysical: Salt is Hygroscopic, this means that when it is heated it attracts water molecules from the air. Some say that this creates an atmosphere similar to those near the Ocean, which is also believed to have a highly cleansing affect on a household.

Red Aventurine - Helps release guilt, relaxes, and promotes emotional healing and love in relationships.

Black Onyx - Protective, root chakra connection, Union and harmony in relationships.

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed.

Caution: These salts are meant for external use only and are not intended for ingestion!