Citrine & Chalcedony Conchive Boutineer

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Gemstone Boutineer Pin, Citrine and Chalcedony Conchive

An alternative to floral wedding accessories. Express your personal style and passion for gems and crystals on your special occasion!

Uses: Boutineer /  boutonnière, brooch 

Main Stones: Citrine, Chalcedony Conchive


Gemstone Arrangement - 65x55x30mm

With Pin - 100x55x30mm

Weight: 44g

Hardness: 6-7 (Mohs scale)


Citrine - Association with the sun, attracts prosperity, positivity, and good health. Lifts mood, encourage positive thinking, and bring abundance.

Chalcedony Conchive - Nurturing, harmonizes mind body emotions and spirit, absorbs negativity

Made in Alberta, CANADA

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed.