Charoite Pendant

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Charoite In Sterling Silver Pendant

Main Stone: Charoite

Colours Present: purple, silver
Size: approx. 5.1x1.3x0.8cm
Weight: approx. 9.17g

Hardness (Mohs Scale): 5 - 6

Metaphysical: Charoite is a rare violet to deep lilac colored silicate mineral that is strictly massive in nature and has only been reported from the Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia. Charoite is a uniquely active stone, being considered most prominently as a stone of transformation. Through balancing the Crown Chakra it assists in overcoming alienation or frustration, through the Heart Chakra it is said to stimulate unconditional love. Charoite is believed to be a great aid in facilitating acceptance.

***Due to the nature of natural products and individual monitor settings, the colour, size, and style may vary slightly from photos.