Chalcedony Conchive Sterling Silver Pendant (4110)

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Chalcedony Conchive Sterling Silver Pendant

Type: Pendant

Metal: .925 Sterling Silver

Weight: 25 g

Product Type: One of a kind

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica made up of Quartz and Moganite, another silica mineral with a monoclinic crystal structure. Chalcedony has a waxy luster, and may be semitransparent or translucent with a wide range of colors, including white to gray, grayish-blue and a shade of brown ranging from pale to nearly black. Chalcedony sits a 6-7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

This is a one-of-a-kind, incredibly unique combination of a Chalcedony Conchive specimen and bright, lustrous Sterling Silver. The Chalcedony Conchive is a magnificent, shimmering piece of art in itself, and with this piece you are sure to be the envy of every collector and jewelry enthusiast. The way the Conchive catches the light is remarkable, and this piece would be perfect for any formal occasion.

Chalcedony is believed to be a nurturing stone, promoting goodwill and group work. It is thought to absorb negativity and harmonize the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Chalcedony Conchives are often placed under the Blue Chalcedony category, and are thought to help with accepting new situations, enhancing listening skills and communication. 

You are purchasing the exact piece in the photographs. It measures 4.5 cm tall and 4 cm wide.