Canadian Staurolite, Garnet, Mica Schist Egg

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Canadian Staurolite, Garnet, Mica Schist Egg

~Canadian Staurolite, Garnet, Mica Schist Palm Stone ~Garnet Schist a metamorphic rock which has shiny mica layers and has a bunch of well-formed garnet crystals. ~
This EGG-cellent Canadian masterpiece is like a painting in your pocket, Straight from Kinabasket Lake, British Columbia!~

Stone: Staurolite 

Other Stones: Garnet and mica Schist

Colors: Grey, Metallic Silver and Black, Red and White hues.

Size:  48mm

Weight: 221g

Metaphysical Properties: Staurolite-soothing energies. The relaxing effect of Staurolite is essential for people who meditate 

Garnet: Energizing and balancing energies (especially cleansing and re-energizing the chakras)

Mica:  Help reduce negative traits by bringing them into your awareness. 

*Slightly U.V Reactive as may have traces of Ruby*


 You are purchasing the exact Staurolite/Garnet Egg shown in photos. 

 Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed.