Bulgarian Quartz With Calcite

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Bulgarian  Specimen.

This Bulgarian specimen is composed of such a combination of quartz and calcite that truly exemplifies the uniqueness of this piece. Tiny Quartz crystals that are opaque encase half the top side as the other half is encased is a calcite that resembles coral. Its never the same look from any angle! 


Basic Information

Bulgaria is an amazing country with a diverse array of minerals that are some of the most beautiful in the world. Each piece is hand harvested by local miners, as commercial mining of specimens is not commonplace. 

This specimen contains:




Bulgarian Specimens have an energy as unique as the country itself. They are vibrant yet understated. They are full of life and encourage thinking outside the box to embrace opportunities. Experiencing a Bulgarian specimen is unlike working with stones from other locales; it is a step into your personal universe, full of wondrous opportunity and growth potential. When you combine this with the metaphysical qualities of each gemstone individually, a Bulgarian Specimen is an amazing metaphysical experience.

Important Note

This specimen has been ethically sourced from family owned and operated small businesses in Bulgaria and Canada. These specimens would have been destroyed had these entrepreneurial mineral lovers not chosen to share them with the world.

Weight:  886 g

Size:  16.5 x 10 x 7 cm