Black Onyx Bracelets

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Black Onyx

Onyx is thought to be a strength giving stone that gives support when dealing with extreme physical or emotional stress. It is also associated with vigor, stamina, strength, confidence and self control. 

Basic Information

Black Onyx is technically a misnomer, as it is not a member of the onyx family at all! Multiple stones are known as Black Onyx including Black Agate, Black Basalt, and Black Chalecdony. Despite this fact, this mineral grouping has been known as Black Onyx for generations and will continue to embrace the name for years to come.


Despite the mix of stones included, the metaphysical information for Black Onyx is accurate, as it was written while working with the stones themselves, not based on their chemical composition. Onyx is thought to be a gentle grounding stone with a more feminine energy. It is an extremely effective stress reliever and is often called upon when a person is under extreme physical or emotional stress. Stamina, confidence, self-control and emotional strength are all thought to be heightened by Black Onyx.


Black Onyx has been around a very long time; it has even been discovered in Egyptian graves dating back to 3100 BCE.

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