Assorted Spiral Wrapped Pendants

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Silver Plated Spiral Wrapped Pendants, Assorted Gemstones

Metal Type: Silver Plated

Size and Weight Vary, See Drop Down Menu for Details


Clear Quartz - Master cleanser, amplifies the energies of other stones in its energy field, metaphysical well being

Strawberry Quartz - Stone of Joy, helps with depression and reduces stress and anxiety.

Himalayan Quartz - Powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. High Vibration Stone used for healing and clearing

Tiger's Eye - Protection, Grounding, Insight

Tourmalated Quartz - Tourmaline works in conjunction with quartz to clear and balance the Chakras, clears auras, disperse negative energy

Bloodstone -  Protection, clarity, courage

Due to the nature of natural products, the color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos.