Aquamarine & Morganite Beaded Necklace

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Aquamarine & Morganite Beaded Necklace

Stone Type:  Aquamarine and Morganite

Jewelry Type:  Necklace 

Metaphysical:  Aquamarine - Brings calm, reduces stress, and quiets the mind.  A stone for sensitive souls because it can invoke tolerance of others and help to overcome judgments.  It offers clarity, strengthens intuition, and clears mental confusion.  It transforms and nurtures the Heart chakra, and also connects the Heart chakra to the upper chakras, allowing energy to flow freely.  

Morganite - Strengthens your connection to the Universe and your Higher Self.  Morganite heals the Heart chakra, allowing it to open and receive divine love.

Size:  approx.  44 cm

Weight:  24 g