Amethyst Chakra Pendant

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Chevron Amethyst Chakra Pendant

These pendants have an Amethyst stone cut and faceted into an elegant point with a vertical setting of a Chakra aligned colored gemstones on the front. Each pendant is stunning and would be excellent for casual, everyday wear!

Basic Information

Amethyst is a violet to purple variety of the Quartz family of crystals that can form. When heated to more than 300-400°C, amethyst loses its violet color and can turn yellow, orange or brown; depending on the locality and the temperature during the heat treatment it may also turn colorless or (rarely) translucent green.


Amethyst is thought to be an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It is thought to enhance the decision making process, first calming to mind to encourage clear thinking, then activating it to put that decision into action. Amethyst is also thought to dispel anger, rage, fear, and anxiety, guard against psychic attack, helps a person feel less scattered.


Traditionally Amethyst was worn to prevent drunkenness, and its name comes from a-methystos meaning "not" and "intoxicate".


Size: 5 x 2 cm 

Weight: ~ 15 g

Metal: Silver Plating

Product Type: One of a Kind