Intellectual Property & Copyright Information

Silver Cove Ltd. Intellectual Property Policy

Updated August 2020


Every product you see on Silver Cove's online store has been photographed, cataloged, and described in detail by the Silver Cove team. Unless directly granted use by Silver Cove, these pictures, descriptions, and format are intellectual property that may not be used; with All Rights Reserved.


Fines range from $6,000 to a more extraordinary $150,000, so to avoid any issues with this in your business or someone else's it is vital to understand what is free to use and what assets may not be.

Through the Canadian Government, the following rules are set out:

"Protect your valuable creations

A poem, painting, musical score, performer's performance, computer program—all are valuable creations, although perhaps no one can measure their worth. Some works may earn a lot of money in the marketplace, while others earn none at all.

Regardless of their merit or commercial value, Canadian law protects all original creative works, provided the conditions set out in the Copyright Act have been met. This means that if you own the copyright to a poem, song or other original work, you have rights that are protected.

Simply put, the Act prohibits others from copying your work without your permission. Its purpose is to protect copyright owners while promoting creativity and the orderly exchange of ideas." - Find more information here


Although copyright law seems straightforward on the surface, there are many legal nuances to using another person's creative work. In brief, the creator of a work (for example a photograph or a description) holds the exclusive rights to that work.


If you have any questions or would like to use our photos in a project or in your business please contact us so we can work something out.
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