Abalone Shell

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Abalone Shell

Shell Type:  Abalone

Also Known As:  ear shells, sea ears, perlemoen, pāua

Colours Present:  Pearlescent rainbow hues, pink, white, and grey

Size:  approx.  7.5x5x0.5 cm

Weight:  approx.  14-20 g

Metaphysical:  Abalone brings strength and blessings to its keeper, and helps support during times of change.  Abalone is the inside of a mollusk shell from a sea creature that feeds on saltwater seaweed, creating the gorgeous iridescent sheen of colour.  In some cultures, Abalone is considered a sacred object, and for centuries it has been used to hold burning offerings for sacred rituals.   

CAUTION: If using a charcoal heat source inside of the shell, put a layer of sand or soil inside as a barrier. A direct heat source scorching the shell may cause it to crack, and could potentially burn surfaces it comes in contact with. 

You are purchasing one (1) randomly selected Abalone shell. You will receive product similar to those pictured. Palo Santo pictured is not included and is shown as an example of use only.

Due to the nature of natural products and photography techniques, the color, size and style may vary slightly from the photos.