Chrysotile in Serpentine Cabochons (Top-Drilled)

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Chrysotile in Serpentine Top-Drilled Cabochons

Also Known As: White Asbestos; Chrysoltile

Type: Top-Drilled Cabochon

Size: 5 cm x 3.5 cm

Weight: 10 g

Product Type: One of multiple

Chrysotile is a soft, fibrous-silicate mineral that is in the Serpentine sub-group of phyllosilicates. Chrysotile is an asbestiform mineral in the amphibole group and should not be cut or polished without proper protective gear. Chrysotile shows off a cats eye, chatoyant effect when cut and polished properly.

These Chrysotile pendants have a fun, unique shape and an incredible chatoyant effect within the lighter-green bands! They catch the light enough to create an eye-catching natural effect when worn, and the top-drilled hole is large enough that a variety of cord types could be used with this pendant.

Chrysotile is thought to enhance inner strength-of-will, resourcefulness, and is noted to be a great stone to keep close after any kind of separation. Chrysotile is an earthy stone, and is associated with the Root Chakra and Throat Chakra.

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