Shiva Stone Tumbled 1 lb portion

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Shiva Stone Tumbled

Origin: India

Size: 2cm-5cm

Weight: 1 lb portion

Shiva Lingams, the carved stone used to represent Lord Shiva, are carved from a specific rock found exclusively around the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata. It is one of seven holy sites in India, and are thought to bring a balance of masculine and feminine energy. 

The opportunity that arose from these magnificent carvings was in regards to the pieces left over after the carving process.  That divine energy, gentle calm, and meditative balance still existed in the pieces left behind, the carvers could feel the energy calling to them. 

In honor of these pieces, their holy history, and their internal life force, the carvers chose to polish the pieces of rough rock as well. This allowed them to continue their calling, and share their unique energy with the world. 

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