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Aquamarine Rough Portion

Origin: Brazil

Size: 2 - 8 cm (most between 3 - 5 cm)

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Product Type: One of Multiple

Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family. The name is from Latin 'aqua marina' meaning sea water, referring to its beautiful color. It sits on a 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (which makes it great for tumbling) and ranges in shades of blue. Aquamarine is the birthstone associated with March. 

These Aquamarine pieces are predominantly a beautiful light aqua blue color, leaning toward the white side in some parts and more towards yellow/orange in others. The stones range in size from 2 to 8 centimeters, and have a serene appearance. Aquamarine is traditionally very expensive, often sold by carat in high grade specimens, so this more affordable option is fantastic for enthusiasts. 

Aquamarine is thought to be a stone of courage, helping to filter information, encourages responsibility, and sharpens intuition. It is also popular for those same reasons in meditation! Aquamarine is also thought to align the chakras and clear the throat chakra. 

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed. You will receive product similar to those in the listing.