Crystal Yoga & Meditation w/Rebecca at The Red Deer Rock N' Gem Show

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Crystals & stones hold a very powerful energy that has been felt by humans for thousands of years, being used for healing, protection, prosperity & more. The teachings of yoga are also ancient and have been recognized for their ability to help cultivate focus and mindfulness. There must be a reason these things have resonated with humans for so long!
Join me on a journey of self discovery, tapping into the strong earth energy of crystals as well as the personal inner energy that makes you uniquely... you! We will explore different stones that can be used & their meanings as well as how to incorporate crystals into your yoga & meditation practice.
Picking an option that feels right to you, we will then dive into a 2 hour crystal yoga practice followed by a meditation.
Practice with the power of the earth behind you to see what comes up!
Westerner Park Stockmen's Pavilion
1801 46 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4R 2N7
September 30th: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
October 1st: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Materials Needed:
- Water
-Yoga Mat (if available)
- Comfortable and light clothing
- Journal and writing utensil (if desired)
Course tickets are through Pre-booking only. Course admission fee does not include Rock N' Gem Show admission. One Crystal Yoga & Meditation admission is equal to one session.
Pre-book for Rebecca's Sept. 30th Crystal Yoga & Mediation courses through Silver Cove HQ:
(403) 986-2683
Mat space is limited so don't forget to secure your place!!

Call 403-598-5724 to register


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