Tumbled Stones: The Most Versatile of the Gems

Posted by Roxi Beaton on

By: Melissa Robak

When it comes to the world of gemstones, the tiny, tumbled stone treasure is the most versatile, underrated treasure in your arsenal! Like grains of sand on a beach, each piece is unique, but as a whole they create a unified landscape perfect for any space.

Gemstones like Smoky quartz, Tigers Eye and Landscape Jasper can blend to create a look when placed together or can stand on their own as a focal piece in décor.

Tumbled stones look amazing in small dishes like the margarita glass photographed below, but can also be introduced into plants, glass bowls, or candy dishes as year-round accents that don’t tempt your waistline!

Due to their smooth surfaces, the majority of tumbled stones are safe to place together in a bowl or dish, despite their different hardness levels, which is not always the case with rough pieces.

Creativity meets affordability when you are working with tumbled stones, which can also be used in jewelry, window dressings and so much more!

We encourage you to take a look at some of our suggestions in the photos below, and then let your creativity shine through. Share your ideas by tagging us on Instagram or posting photos in the Silver Cove Fans Creative Space on Facebook.

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