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Unveiling the Vibrant World of Tourmaline: Nature's Kaleidoscope

Posted by Roxi Beaton on

Tourmaline's story begins deep within the Earth's crust, where molten rock undergoes intense heat and pressure. 

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Creating a Grid for Personal Protection

Posted by Kelly S Thompson on

If you Google "grids", you will find an abundance of opinions as to which works best.  Many people use sacred geometry to create them, others use various templates you can easily find online and print off.  Personally, I prefer to use my creativity and allow my intuition to guide me. Creating crystal grids is one of the most empowering way to use crystals.  The best advice I can offer is to not allow the process to overwhelm you.  There are no "rules" and you can't do it "wrong".  The more grids you create, the easier it becomes and before you...

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