Stones Naturally Designed to be Sphere Stands

Posted by Roxi Beaton on

We all love the amazing look of a gemstone sphere. The beauty, the energy, the way it has the potential to brighten any room in your home or make the office so much more positive. 

The sphere stands that are available in the marketplace to house these beauties are, although cute, not nearly as gorgeous as the spheres themselves... what do you do? You look for inspiration in the mineral kingdom!

Specimens as sphere stands is such a great idea that allows you to be creative and can showcase the gemstone sphere as a unique treasure to be admired. 

When choosing those specimens there are things to keep in mind, here are a few suggestions:

1. They must sit flat. The bottom must be stable to keep the sphere from rolling away with minor movement.

2. The surface of the specimen must be able to support a sphere. Clusters work  great as they have spaces for the sphere or egg to sit.

3. Slabs with natural inclusions work great and can be amazing contrasts. 

3. A small amount of mac-tac can quickly become your best friend for added stability.


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