Silver Cove is proud to present Awakened Hearts Intuitive Offerings

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Silver Cove is proud to present Awakened Hearts Intuitive Offerings
I AM Baily Kurley, owner of Awakened Hearts Intuitive Offerings. I am a wife, mother, and seeker of higher light. I have always felt the call to care for others and for the past 15 years, nursing has been my chosen profession. As honored as I was to help people during their most physically vulnerable times, I craved to connect with people on a deeper level: with their heart. Growing up I had strong empathic abilities, but was unaware of the sensitivity it would have on my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. Long story short: I battled with depression, anxiety and panic attacks until I took it upon myself to become more informed about empathic abilities. This was a catalyst in becoming an empowered empath and the rapid evolution of my other intuitive skills. Angel cards hold a special place in my heart as my mom introduced them to me when I was first battling depression: their messages of unconditional love and encouragement to embrace my unique light is what I am honored to bestow to others.
Silver Cove offered me my first spiritual community where i finally felt a sense of belonging and acceptance (at their original location in Lacombe!) and a safe space to explore the metaphysical realm. Where they nurtured my light, I AM honored to share my light with others. See you at the show!
With Love and Light,
Wed. Feb. 22 4pm-8pm
Thurs. Feb. 23 4pm-8pm
Fri. Feb. 24 12pm-4pm
Sat. Feb. 25 10am-1:30pm
Sun. Feb 26 11am-12:30pm


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