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Self-Care using crystalsFor thousands of years, crystals have been revered for both their beauty and crystal healing effects. Many art galleries across Canada allocated several rooms in the museum to show off various gemstones and explain their geological origin. For years, the art of crystal healing has survived much criticism from skeptics, so it is somewhat comforting to see that the science of geology holds them in such high esteem to devote many rooms to them in such museums.


Many books are elaborating on the benefits of different crystals. In this article, I will explain why crystal healing can work and attempt to throw some light on why some people feel such a sense of wellbeing and healing after a crystal healing session.

The Science of Crystals

By way of explanation, let's go back to the science lab in school. We learned that everything in life is made up of atoms. Solids are made up of lots of tiny moving atoms and appear solid because the atoms are so dense (close together) that it looks solid. Less dense substances with atoms not so close together are liquid, and those even less dense are gas.


Everything around us, including you and I, is made up of these atoms or even smaller particles that are oscillating (moving) but we do not perceive they move because our senses can't pick that up. Also, crystals are made up of these atoms and oscillate (move) at a certain rate.


The way you move, think and feel, etc. is unique to you. No other person in the world has the same characteristics as you. We become affected by the vibrations of other people and if you don't believe this simply spend an hour listening to a friend on the phone that feels down, and by the time they are finished, and you put down the phone, you feel down also.


Humans are continually picking up each other’s 'vibes,' we allow other people to interact with our energy. In the same way, the crystals and everything else around us have a certain vibration which defines them.


Crystals are unique as they have a geometrical arrangement of the atoms that differ, and they oscillate (vibrate) differently which makes them distinctive by name, e.g., Smokey quartz is different to amethyst which has an effect when they come into close contact with each of us.


Angel Aura Rose Quartz

Our vibration starts to move differently when the crystals is brought near us just as we would become affected by other people around us. The crystals have a positive effect on us, as they interact with our vibrations, our energy centers and it changes the way our personal atoms oscillate.


There is testimony from many people, enough for it to matter, that they feel different after they have experienced a crystal healing.

What is a "Crystal Healing" Session?

During a crystal healing, the healer would place various crystal gemstones as deemed necessary on or around the body or energy field of the client. Usually, the client would lie down on the floor or a massage bed. The ideal conditions are when the room is dim; there are some nice smelling incense or candles and some soft music. The idea is that the client relaxes, and the crystals do their work. The length of time it takes depends on the healing that is needed.


The crystals alter the way the energy centers of the body (chakras) are vibrating, and they balance and undo energetic and emotional blockages in the energy field, and in turn, in the physical body. By unblocking these, new energy can enter, and it will flow better enhancing the person's energy, health, and life.


So, crystals are a tool for bringing balance and healing to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Whether it is for you or not can only be decided from your personal experience, and it would be good if you could try it for yourself.


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