Manifesting Financial Abundance

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There are so many ways you can work with crystals.  One of these is creating crystal grids to aid in manifestation.  This focuses the energy of the crystals on your intentions, making it easier to move through the changes necessarily to see your goals to fruition.

If you Google "grids", you will find an abundance of opinions as to which works best.  Many people use sacred geometry to create their grids, others use various templates you can easily find online and print off.  Personally, I prefer to use my creativity and just design them on the fly.

One of the most popular things people want to manifest is financial abundance.  Whether you are looking to sell your home, find a new job, or manifest additional money for an upcoming trip - I recommend combining citrine, aventurine, and clear quartz.

Citrine not only helps you manifest financial abundance, it also helps you hang on to it.  Imagine yourself enjoying a night at BINGO.  You win $200, but on the way home, you damage your tire and it costs $198 to fix.  It was great that you were able to manifest the money you needed, but wouldn't you rather have put it toward something fun?

Aventurine also helps you manifest financial abundance, while encouraging perseverance.  It can sometimes take a bit of time (and a bit of work on your part) to bring about what it is you hope to manifest and Aventurine will definitely support you as you do that.

Clear Quartz is a master healer, amplifying the energies of the crystals around it.  It also helps you gain clarity in situations where the path ahead is uncertain.  Including clear quartz in your grid, particularly as a centerpiece, is a great way to boost the energy and further focus your intention.


I recommend placing your grid somewhere that the crystals will not be disturbed.  I also recommend setting things in motion by stating your intentions.  I always close with "Please lead me to the tools I need and the path I need to be on in order to see my goals to fruition."

Pay attention to little nudges from the Universe.  Do you suddenly feel that you should call someone?  Go to a social gathering?  Polish up your resume?  Listen to those cues.  This is the work that is needed in order for manifestation to take place.  Then get ready to embrace the gifts awaiting you!


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