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When we hit a roadblock on our spiritual journey, it's reassuring to have tools to help guide us.  

Pendulums are one of the easiest forms of divination and have been used for centuries.  Many of us have seen someone use a wedding ring tied to a thread to determine if a pregnant woman was going to have a boy or a girl.  Now, we see pendulums carved from crystals in a multitude of styles.


Some people choose a pendulum because of it's shape.  Others are attracted to the crystal it is made from.  But sometimes, a pendulum will choose you.  I have watched someone try several and is surprised when the one they are meant to work with is not the one they were initially attracted to.  Others get a resounding "YES" with the first one they pick up.

Before you start working with a pendulum, there are some important things you need to ask.  First, ground and center yourself.  Then stand with the pendulum hanging freely from one hand, placing the other hand underneath the pendulum, with about a 2 inch space to allow free movement.  When the pendulum is still, say "Show me yes".

The pendulum should start to move.  It will usually either go back and forth (either left to right or forward and backward) or it will move in a circle (either clockwise or counterclockwise).  Once you clearly see the movement, say "Thank you" and it should stop moving.  Then say "Show me no".  It will move differently, so that you can distinguish "yes" from "no".  

There are times when the pendulum will not have an answer, so it will remain completely still or hang straight down and vibrate.  Each pendulum is as unique as we are, so I recommend listening to your intuition, which will help you build a strong working relationship.  This, in turn will ensure that the both the answers and information/messages you receive are accurate.

Sometimes a pendulum only has one purpose.  I have a wooden pendulum that only wants to work with crystals.  It has zero interest in helping me with questions considering my career or relationships.  I have dubbed it my "shopping pendulum" and carry it in my purse.  I have since collected a few more and each seems to want to concentrate on one area of my life, rather than act as an "all purpose" divination tool.  Interestingly, I have used my wooden pendulum to choose the others.

A pendulum is the perfect addition to any metaphysical toolbox.  They offer you clarity in times of confusion, guidance when making decisions, and are an empowering way to strengthen your intuition.

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