Tips to Repair and Reinvigorate Soapstone Carvings

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Silver Cove Online has a new line of soapstone carvings straight from the Kisii District of Kenya near Lake Victoria. soapstone carvings make a beautifully subtle and meaningful decoration for any home, and with soapstone's soft nature it can be carved into an incredibly wide range of shapes.

Because of this naturally soft nature though, sometimes soapstone carvings need a little bit of love to restore them to their natural beauty... that's where we come in!

Handling Your Soapstone

After soapstone is first carved, it can be finished using a wide range of oils and varnishes to show off it's true color, and add a bit of a protective layer. You should avoid handling your soapstone as much as possible to avoid transferring oils from your hands.

Cleaning Your Soapstone

If you do happen to see residue of some kind on your carving, you can easily clean it by:

  1. First use a dry, lint-free, soft cloth to rub the entire surface of your carving to get dust off. Make sure you support any area you're dusting since soapstone is so soft!
  2. Mix just a few drops of mild detergent with water in a small dish.
  3. Dip the soft cloth in the mixture and rub it over the surface of your carving.
  4. Rinse the cloth out so it is free from detergent, and clean off the entire statue to get rid of residue.
  5. Let your carving air dry

Now... to restore your soapstone's natural charismatic shine!

Place a few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth, and begin to gently rub it over the surface of the carving. Remember still to support it fully while working on it.

Keep adding mineral oil to the cloth when needed, and keep going until the piece has been completely covered.

Use a dry, clean cloth to remove any excess oils from your carving. Let your carving dry... and you have officially revitalized your soapstone!

Note: For more difficult stains or build-up it may take several cleanings... don't give up!



  • A little thinners on a cloth, wipe it off, then apply mineral oil, and polish.😊

    Norman on

  • I found an exquisite Buddha in a thrift shop. Someone use a permanent marker to point out defects. I have used alcohol, goof off, goo gone, Dawn soap and water to no avail. Any suggestions.

    Thank you very much

    Joan Conway on

  • A client wants to buy some of my soapstone carvings. Her intention is to put it in water with misomo moss. How does soapstone hold up underwater? And is there anything special to finish it with to ensure it’s beauty?

    Douglas J Miller on

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