Creating a Grid for Stress Relief

Posted by Kelly S Thompson on

Many people use sacred geometry to create grids.  Others use various templates you can easily find online and print off.  Personally, I prefer to use my creativity and allow my intuition to guide me.  I tell everyone that whatever works for them is what is meant for them.

Creating crystal grids is one of the most empowering way to use crystals.  The best advice I can offer is to not allow the process to overwhelm you.  There are no "rules" and you can't do it "wrong".  The more grids you create, the easier it becomes and before you know it you're using this tool on a regular basis.

So many people have come to me for help with anxiety, depression, stress, and sleep issues.  My number one choice for this is Agate.  It is known for it's ability to bring calm to even the most chaotic circumstances.  Agate comes in dozens of different forms and is quite easy to find.  

Blue Banded Agate helps balance emotion and logic.  This helps us with decision-making, allowing us to keep a level head and remember that even the most stressful situations contain valuable information that will help us move forward.

Pink Agate is a great way to remind us to make self-care a priority every day.  It is an excellent way to open our heart chakra and enable us to see opportunities and possibilities we would not have otherwise.

Botswana Agate helps you seek out solutions, rather than dwelling on the problem itself.  It helps you remain open to possibilities, stepping out of your comfort zone so that you may explore your creativity.  It is also a good reminder that often the answers you seek can be found within, if you have the courage to still your mind.

The centerpiece of this grid is a large tumbled Cat's Eye Quartz.  I was really drawn to this stone and after learning a bit about it, I can understand why it was such a good choice.  This unique crystal is said to enhance intuition and is a powerful way to manifest self-healing.


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