Coming together...

Posted by Melissa robak on

The store is coming together!!! We are so excited!

We are not quite ready to announce it to everyone yet, we love having something amazing to show off before we share, as always! 

The Opal Carvings have been my favorite so far, although the crackled quartz was a lot of fun to photograph! Rough, Tumbled, Wedding Supplies, Carvings, Jewelry... this is so much fun!

We hope you appreciate the combination of mineral information with metaphysical aspects. We have also made sure to add a written description of the stones themselves, not just a general write up. 

Cannot wait to start sharing our Canadian Minerals and Jewelry... and the moonstone.... and the salt lamps... Alright folks... I've got to get back to work or I'll never get it all done!

Talk to you soon!





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