Boost Self Esteem with a Crystal Grid

Posted by Kelly S Thompson on

Grids don't have to be complex or contain a large number of crystals.  What matters is that you are combining the healing energy of the crystals in a way that helps you.  This grid is a perfect example, using just 8 tumbled stones and a small selenite tower as a centerpiece.

Sodalite unites logic with intuition, providing you with balance between the creative and analytical aspects of your personality.  This amazing stone allows you to remain true to yourself while standing up for what you believe.  It calms the mind, allowing you to release false beliefs and embrace new knowledge.  It also calms panic attacks and  builds a strong sense of self-worth.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.  It gently draws off negative energy and helps you accept the changes necessary to move forward.  It boosts self-worth and instills self-trust.

Selenite is extremely protective, which is an important aspect of inner work.  It helps create a safe, serene space that does not allow negative influences in.  Selenite assists judgement, enhances insight, clears confusion, and aids in seeing the bigger picture.  

As you can see, these three crystals are a great combination when looking to enhance self-esteem and making self-care a priority every day.   Try filling your water bottle, then setting it beside your grid for a few minutes before you leave for the day.  This will allow the energy of the crystals to infuse your water for amazing energy on the go!


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