August's Birthstone: Peridot

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Peridot is Gemstone quality Olvine, and is absolutely surrounded with legends and beliefs from as far as Egypt to Hawaii!
This Gemstone varies in color from olive green to yellow-green, honey, red, or even brown-toned green. Peridot crystals, interestingly enough, form in magma from the upper mantle of the Earth's crust. This means that to mine Peridot, you must wait until other forces bring it to the surface of the Earth.

Here are 5 other facts about this visionary Gemstone!

  1. Peridot is also known as "Goddess's Tears" and in ancient Hawaii it was believed that Peridot gems found after volcanic eruptions were the tears of the Goddess Pele

  2. Cleopatra's jewels have been hotly debated through the years by gemologists on whether or not they are Emeralds or Peridot gems, and in ancient Egypt Peridot gems were a very prized possession; it was even once believed that crushing Peridot in your drink could bring you closer to nature, and attract happiness and love.

  3. Wearing Peridot is associated with relieving nightmares, and aiding against feelings of spite, resentment, and anger

  4. Peridot is referred to as the "Visionary Stone", and is said to help you understand your spiritual journey and purpose

  5. The beaches of Oahu consists mostly of tiny grains of Peridot; what a perfect vacation for anyone celebrating their birthday in August!


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